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Membership Agreement

Equipment supplied by “Shopmobility Newry” must be treated with care and in a safe manner at all time, in keeping with the training you have received from us.

  1. I confirm that I do not have any condition that might impair my ability to safely operate any electrically operated equipment owned by Shopmobility Newry and I agree to inform Shopmobility Newry of any condition or change that might affect my ability to safely operate the equipment.
  2. I agree to demonstrate my ability to use the various controls and methods of operation of the equipment that I intend to borrow from Shopmobility Newry. I understand that I will not be able to borrow any equipment from Shopmobility Newry until I have performed this demonstration to the satisfaction of the person carrying out my assessment.
  3. I declare that my weight falls within the parameters for the equipment as outlined by the staff member. 
  4. I will inform Shopmobility Newry of any operating faults or other problems encountered during the operation of the equipment to allow remedial action to be taken prior to further use.
  5. I understand and agree to report any incident or accident involving the loss of, or damage to any equipment belonging to Shopmobility Newry or to any other person.
  6. I understand that I may be asked to contribute to the cost/fees incurred for any repairs/damages caused by me, whilst the equipment is in my care.
  7. I agree that I will switch the power off when the scooter is stopped and/or apply the brakes on the manual wheelchair, to avoid possible interference with the controls by others.
  8. I will not carry passengers or let anyone else use the equipment on hire to me.
  9. Children are NOT allowed to ride on the Scooters/Wheelchairs or interfere with the controls at any time.
  10. I will not use a mobile phone whilst I’m driving the powered scooter.
  11. I will not use equipment while under the influence of alcohol, prescribed or un-prescribed drugs, that may impair my safe use of the equipment.
  12. I will not use the equipment to trade, sell or collect money, on the street.
  13. I will not overload my equipment with shopping or other items that may affect the steering and safety of the scooter and myself.
  14. I will ensure that I turn the powered equipment off when I am stationary or getting in or out of the equipment as this can cause severe accidents.
  15. I will not travel at excessive and dangerous speeds: I will travel at walking pace only and keep the speed reduced when in busy or confined areas.
  16. I will only use the equipment on the footpath at all times, unless where it is necessary to cross a road or to gain access to another footpath.
  17. I will only cross the road at a recognised crossing place where the kerb is level with the crossing point.
  18. I will park the Scooter/wheelchair in a safe place at all times to ensure the safety of others in the vicinity.
  19. I will return the equipment in good condition to Shopmobility Newry (The Centre) at or before the end of the agreed period of loan.  Equipment hired for more than # weeks will be recalled and checked for faults/condition before being rehired.
  20. I understand that Shopmobility Newry reserve the right to refuse a booking if any of the above conditions cannot be met satisfactorily and may ask for an individual to be reassessed to determine ability to operate equipment.
  21. I understand that if any of the above conditions are not met on more than # occasions, or in the event of a major incident, Shopmobility Newry reserves the right to suspend or remove membership from an individual, either for a specified period or indefinitely.

I have read and understand the guidelines and agree to adhere to them and I accept full responsibility for all equipment belonging to Shopmobility Newry whilst in my care.

In case of emergency:  I agree to telephone Shopmobility Newry on: 028 3025 6062

Your Personal Data

The information you provide on this application form is subject to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).To ensure the protection of your data and to ensure we use it correctly, please read and confirm whether or not you consent to the various forms of communication and usage of your data as outlined below.

The Shopmobility Northern Ireland Network is made up of individual member schemes of which Shopmobility Newry is one.

We will allow the schemes in the Shopmobility Northern Ireland network to access your membership data to provide a better, uniform service should you wish to use equipment in other towns and cities that provide the Shopmobility service,within the Shopmobility Northern Ireland Network.

Unit 54a Buttercrane Shopping Centre
Buttercrane Quay, Newry
BT35 8HJ

 028 30256062

 Weekends/Out of Hours 028 30263627


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